How to Download and Install the App

Watch this video to understand how to download and install the App


How to Activate the License


How to Send Bulk Messages



How many messages can be sent in one go?

There is no limit, but we don't recommend sending more than 300-400 messages in one go.

How can I get on a subscription?

Click here to buy it from the WebDudes Shop.

Can I get a discount for multiple numbers?

Yes. Click here to get Bulk Message App Pro Plus.

Can I become a Reseller or an Affiliate member?

Yes. Use the following Coupon Codes to get a 20% Discount on purchasing 10 copies of the App.

Bulk Message App Regular: V4JEA9B7

Bulk Message App PRO: MD7EK7AM

Will my number get blocked if I use your App?

If you send SPAM or to INVALID numbers, then YES, it will get BLOCKED.

We recommend that you DO NOT send messages to INVALID numbers. Sending messages to INVALID numbers will result in your number getting blocked.

Also, we recommend not to send SPAM. Sending SPAM will result in your number getting blocked.

What Is Spam?

Spamming uses messaging systems to send multiple unsolicited messages to large numbers of recipients for commercial advertising or simply sending the same message over and over to the same user. 

Is it safe to use this App?

We recommend that you first read the contents of this URL and then arrive at your own answer. We've been using it and had not problem with using it. Please note: We don't send SPAM or to INVALID numbers. This is one of the main two reasons we are able to use it without a problem.

How long will it take for my messages to be sent?

To protect your number from getting BLOCKED, we've incorporated a mandatory 7-second delay between messages.

Sending attachments takes longer based on the size of the file.

Therefore the time to deliver your message in a batch can vary.

You can use the pause feature if it takes too long. Then simply resume the batch delivery the next day.

When switching from one chat to the next there will be an additional delay which could vary anywhere from 1-4 seconds depending on the speed of the computer/mobile, the speed of the internet, and the Local Storage used on your Mobile.

After I enter the license code, the App disappear?

Maybe there is another Chrome Extension which is clashing with the app, so you can create a new profile on Chrome and see if the problem is resolved.

Click here to watch a video on how to create another profile on Chrome.

Can I request you add a new feature for this app?

Sure. Click here to submit your request.

What does the Status mean in the Reports?

  1. Sent: Successfully Sent to the person's WhatsApp number
  2. Invalid: The Number is either a Mobile or a Land Land, and is not activated on WhatsApp. You should ensure you never send messages to these numbers ever because WhatsApp will block your number.
  3. Skipped: The Number was skipped because we added it to "excluded numbers" in the App. Ideally, all invalid numbers should be added to the "excluded numbers" box when you send messages in the future. This will protect your number from getting blocked.
  4. Unsent: The system was not able to send messages to that number due to multiple reasons like the Internet Connection is down or the WhatsApp Service is not working. You should try and resend messages to these numbers if you want them to get your message. When this happens you will be presented with the option to retry those messages again
  5. FailedThis is an extremely rare situation where there was something changed on WhatsApp because of which the Bulk Message App was not able to send messages. When this happens you will be presented with the option to retry those messages again

Software Requirements

  1. You need to have the Chrome Browser installed on your computer to use the App. You can also use any browser that is powered by Google's Chromium technology platform.
  2. The App has been tried on Windows and Mac OS X Operating Systems only.
  3. You need to have your Profile Photo enabled on the phone
  4. This app does not work on a Mobile or Tablet
  5. We recommend using Google Spreadsheets to create CSV files so it would be good to have a Gmail account

Feature Requests

Click the button above to submit your feature requests. If we can integrate your features in this App, we will add it in.