Instruction to be read before the meditation

1. This meditation has to heard when you are about to take a nap or about to sleep at night. Make sure you are in a comfortable position.

2. The best way to hear it is through headphones, the ones specifically with the clear instructions of left and right ear.

3. The first 15 minutes are designed to only help you sleep. Through the later part of the meditation it gets subliminal. You may not be able to hear it clearly but its designed to work on your left and right brain in a pattern.

4. Listen to the meditation for 30 days straight, even if you completely stop smoking within a few days of listening to the meditation.

5. This meditation is not applicable for vaping or sheesha/hooka. It is applicable for cigaretts, bidis, cigars and tobacco.

6. During the first few days, the time of your regular smoke, you can replace it with regular chewing gum. Your brain does not know how to fill up that vacuum. Hence you can try normal chewing gums or sugar free chewing gum not Nicotex.

7. If you find yourself smoking the same number, then do notice that you might be putting off your smoke much before it is consumed fully. That is one of the first signs.

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