Riccha Dubey

Riccha Dubey is an artist by profession. She is also an entrepreneur, handling a couple of businesses. She is mostly known as ‘The lady who makes memories touchable’ and the owner of ‘Oeuvrre’. Some part of her income that comes from her businesses goes for charity. She funds for street kid’s education needs and also provides for some orphanage’s requirements. 

Riccha has been practicing Law of Attraction since she was 19. She learnt it from Kurt Ring, Patman (featured in the movie “The Secret”) and Priya Kumar. In her own words she says, she has manifested her current life. She calls herself a learner for life. Riccha has been studying how the brain functions, and based on her studies she has been compiling meditations to help people. Most of her meditations are customized, the ones put up on this platform are the ones which are generic and can be used by anyone. Her meditations have shown fabulous results to the people who have used it. The images of the testimonials received have been attached on the respective pages. There is a small fee charged, most part of which will be diverted to the cause of charity. Incase you wish to donate more you can contact her at [email protected]


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I was referred to Riccha by a friend. Initially I was apprehensive on how she would be able to help me, without even meeting physically. My mind was nudging me with “do such therapies actually exist and work??” Was confused, even fearful! When I spoke to her, my apprehensions just melted away. She was very attentive to everything I narrated, about the issues I wished to resolve. She has an amazing way of communicating which immediately made me comfortable and open to sharing the minutest detail. In fact just talking to her was therapeutic.

She is helping me and several family members with therapies across mental and physical health, career, finances, and emotional traumas. And without any exaggeration, it is working MIRACLES!!! My father who was almost in a vegetative state, is now laughing, eating well and mentally very alert.

Riccha is an extremely warm and compassionate person. She is always very open to any feedback and discussions. I don’t have enough words to describe my deep gratitude to her. Feel blessed. Thank you Riccha. Love you!

Surabhi Rana

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