Instructions to be read before the meditation.

Sit comfortably. If you are sitting on the floor, then fold your legs and keep your spine straight. If you are uncomfortable on the floor then you can sit on the chair, again with your spine straight.

You shouldn’t have eaten anything at least 3 hours prior to doing the meditation. 

Try and do this twice a day. One of the best time to do it is early morning, and for the 2nd round you can go just before you have dinner.

This meditation is a combination of breath-work and visualization. Try and follow it as far as possible. It is the combination of these two that helps the weight loss.

It will help if you can do mindful eating for the duration you are doing the meditation. Even if you can involve yourself in some walking, will speed up the process of your weight loss journey.

One rule to follow for sure is listen to it for 30 days without failing even once. 

The first few days the experience you have during the meditation and the feelings you experience will be on the high. As time passes by it may not feel as great as the first time and that is absolutely fine. When we buy a new car, we don't feel the same on day 1and day 30, right? There will be a time when your mind will stop reacting in the same way, but that's because it has started feeling and accepting your new emotion as an acceptable emotion. At any given time of your day, even when you are not doing the meditation, the visual of your slim body feels like normal to you. That is an indication that you are heading in the right direction. This stage comes to different people at different times. Some reach this stage in 5 days and some take 25 days. It is absolutely fine.

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