Sell your Courses online

Are you looking to use a platform to upload your training content to sell online? You've reached the right place.

We will help you upload your courses on our website so that you don't have to worry about doing it.


How do I send you my pre-recorded course?

We recommend Google Drive or We Transfer

Can you help me sell my courses?

Book an appointment to speak to us about your requirements.

Do you offer a Webinar option or only pre-recorded course?

We host only pre-recorded courses. We recommend you use Zoom for conducting online Webinars/Workshops. Record them and share them with us so we can upload them on your course page.

Can we upload unlimited courses on your platform?

No. For every five courses, we charge INR 4999 per year. For additional 5 courses you have to pay an incremental amount of INR 4999 per year. We take care of designing your course pages. You have to supply the content (Images, course material, videos)

Can you collect the money on my behalf and pay me for the same?

Yes. We can do that for you. However, we charge a 10% fee for the same. Please keep in mind that our prices include 18% GST for customers buying your courses in India, so you will receive 72% of the listed price. Please ensure you mark up your course fees to cover for those charges.

Can you help me setup a Payment Gateway for me to collect money online from your website

Yes. We can setup a Razor pay Account for you. If you already have a Razor Pay account, we will move your account to our Dashboard to help you get it up and running. This service is offered as part of our services.

Can you sell my courses for me?

Yes. We have a retainer fee of INR 15000 + GST to sell your courses on Facebook and Instagram. The Ad Spend is extra based on your budget.

Will your students get to know about my courses?

Yes. When your course is uploaded on our website, we will send an email for existing students to learn about your course. If they are interested, they can buy your course.

Can you setup my own learning platform?

Yes. We can setup your own branded teachable platform. Click here to get started.