Honey Vachhani

Honey Vachhani is the founder of “Being Harmony – a Harmonious way of living life which is inspired to empower people of various walks of life find their connection with their true inner self and create their own miracles . Her main teachings are based on loving yourself using the philosophy of Louise hay , Law of attraction, Ho’oponopono and spirituality 

Honey rose herself from a timid child ,inferiority driven,sad teen with very low self esteem to a bold ,confident and a happy human being Now and holds the principles of loving and accepting herself responsible for her healing and teaches loving oneself as the foundation for all personal and life excellence.-

NOW In love with life, Honey truly believes that life loves her equally. With an incredible sense of self-belief and passion, she follows her heart in all areas of her life. Her personal transformational journey inspired her to make a transition from a successful teaching career to an International Trainer. This has brought more flow to her life as well as multiplied her joyful experiences. Having more than a decade of experience in the field of holistic wellness, Honey brings forth her extensive knowledge and life experiences to empower people in achieving their highest potential – in their journey towards personal growth and evolution.